The Oxford Pre-Modern Middle Eastern History Seminar

This webinar series will explore various aspects of pre-Modern Middle Eastern history, including talks on early Islam, post-Mongol Iran, Medieval Armenia, and the Ottoman Empire. Each speaker will be joined by a respondent to discuss the themes of their talk. For full details on the individual webinars please see our programme. Registration links for the individual online events can be found below.

Tuesday 19 January, 2021 (Week 1)
The Beginnings of Islam
Lena Salaymeh (Oxford) 
Respondent: Khaled Abou El Fadl (UCLA)
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Tuesday 26 January, 2021 (Week 2)
Before Sufism: Early Islamic Renunciant Piety
Christopher Melchert (Oxford) 
Respondent: Michael Cooperson (UCLA)
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Tues 2 February, 2021 (Week 3)
Explorations into the Origins of Islam: Religious and Philosophical Worldviews of the Quranic Mushrikūn 
Ahab Bdaiwi (Leiden/Cambridge)
Respondent: Nicolai Sinai (Oxford)
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Tues 9 February, 2021 (Week 4)
Beyond the Mystical: how Hafiz’s poetry can help historians read post-Mongol Iran
Dominic Brookshaw (Oxford)
Respondent: Paul Losensky (Indiana)
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Tues 23 February, 2021 (Week 6)
Ottoman Historiography and Topographical Illustration in Manuscripts attributed to Matrakçı Nasuh
Zeynep Yürekli (Oxford)
Respondent: Serpil Bağcı, (Hacettepe)
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Tues 2 March, 2021 (Week 7)
The Language of Politics in Wā’iẓ Kāshifī’s Futuwwatnāma-i sulṭānī 
Neguin Yavari (Columbia/Oxford)
Respondent: Alan Strathern (Oxford)
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Tues 9 March, 2021 (Week 8)
Tribes, bandits, & minstrels: A shared popular culture as a response to Ottoman and Safavid power
Ali Aydın Karamustafa (Oxford)
Respondent: Edmund Herzig (Oxford)
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